The Suspect

The reports of an arrest of a suspect in the shooting death of Officer Tippit are followed with his amazing life story.


Lee Harvey Oswald, a high school dropout, enlisted in the Marines at age 17. While serving in Japan, Oswald was granted a family hardship discharge, to tend to his ailing Mother. Instead of returning stateside, Oswald immigrated to the Soviet Union and announced his desire to become a citizen, resulting in a dishonorable discharge from the Marine reserves. He married a local woman; they had a daughter. Disenchanted with Soviet living, Oswald in 1962 cabled the State Department for a loan to return to the United States.

Oswald in New Orleans, handing out flyers for the Fair Play for  Cuba.

Oswald in New Orleans, handing out flyers for the Fair Play for Cuba.

After spending the summer of 1963 in New Orleans as one man operator of the “Fair Play for Cuba Committee “, Oswald settled in Dallas with his wife and (now two) daughters. In October, he was hired as a clerk at the Texas School Book Depository. He took a room in a boarding house, his wife and daughters stayed with a friend.

The summation of tracing Oswald’s steps that Friday have led to the conclusion that, after he murdered President Kennedy, Oswald slipped out of the Book Depository and hopped on the nearest bus. When the bus was held up in traffic, Oswald stepped off and hailed a cab. Getting out before the cab reached his destination, Oswald briskly walked into his rooming house, where he picked up a .38 revolver and a light jacket. –His landlady later told police he left as quickly as he entered, without a word.

In the meantime, a description of the suspect in the shooting of the President went over police radio. Spotting a man matching the description, Patrolman J.D. Tippit stopped Oswald for a few questions. Unsatisfied, Tippit got out of his cruiser and stepped around the front of his cruiser to ask more questions. Oswald pulled out his gun and shot Officer Tippit three times, killing him.


 Still on foot, Oswald ditched his jacket and wandered. When another police car neared, he hid in a shoe store alcove before sneaking into the movie house next door, the Texas Theater. The store clerk followed Oswald in as he told the box office cashier to call the cops.
aWhen the theater lights were turned on, Oswald stood and aimed a revolver at an officer. He never got off a shot. WFAA-TV scored an exclusive when Ron Reiland filmed police hauling Oswald away, kicking and screaming. It was not long after his arrest that Dallas Police would describe Oswald as the “prime suspect” of Kennedy’s assassination.



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